Our focus, to get you to, and through, retirement.

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Our Focus ... to get you to, and through, Retirement.

Client Login Portals consolidated on one page

Better Financial Education does not operate the below websites. I have consolidated the links to the main sites here on one page so that you are sure you are going to the proper website.

Your Big Picture and Long-Term Reports.

Loring Ward. Current clients may log-in (click on "Structured Investing" photo*) to go to the Loring Ward website where you can access your current account information and reports.

This website informs you as to what your portfolio has done to date (past to present). These reports provide "big picture" results for your holdings. You activate this site online using your account information.

Your Details and Monthly Reports.

TD Ameritrade Institutional. Current clients may log-in (click on "TD Ameritrade" photo*) to to go TD Ameritrade Institutional's client website to access current account information.

This site provides specific details for your holdings and tax documents. You activate this site through the instructions I emailed you. TD Ameritrade Institutional is a Custodial Bank, described in item III in this blog.

Your Allocation options.

Current clients may log-in (click on "Pie" photo*) to go to your Structured Investing website where you can access and review your overall allocation plan.

You can also update your Risk Assessment and view your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) here (you activate this site with me).

Reminder: Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is archived online through the "Pie" allocation link above. You will find your IPS through the Reports>View History links once you are logged in. This document remains "live" and relevant through our discussions and reviews as time goes by. The concepts discussed within the IPS form the foundation, supported by academic research, upon which retirement income for retiree's is managed; and combined with sustainability research, provides math-based decision points, rather than emotional, to address both good and poor markets during retirement.

If you are looking for forms, you may click here to go to Client Administration page.



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